Refinished 1970's Chairs

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I found these chairs at the thrift store for $20 each and knew they would be perfect by my fireplace. However, when I took my husband to help me pick them up, he was not easily convinced. After a coat of paint and some new fabric, they turned out perfect and one of them is even a rocker!

Here they are at the thrift store. I hate recovering furniture, but because these have wood frames, they only needed the cushions sewn and some spray paint. It was a super easy weekend project.

I took apart the cushions and used them as a pattern for the new ones. I didn't want piping in the middle of the bottom cushion, so I made my pattern one big panel of fabric instead of 2.

Then I just laid out the old cushion fabric on top of my new fabric, cut out the pattern, sewed it up, reused the original zippers, and voila! I did buy some batting and wrapped it around the cushions for added comfort.


  1. Nice! I have taken some of the most ugly pieces of furniture and transformed them and they live with us. Guess what? I get the most compliments on the least expensive furniture we own. :-)

  2. I have to laugh when I seen the older fabric...we had a couch when we first married with that print. Oh how I loved it. I guess I just dated myself a little bit! You did a wonderful job redoing those chairs! I love your new fabric even better!

  3. Awesome. Dont' know that I would have seen the potential in those chairs. They look great.

  4. Really cool collection of chairs you shared here and Its looking so awesome list.

  5. Man, I would have walked right on past those chairs, for sure. You definitely have talent and make it look so easy, too.

  6. I'm going to be leading a large project at a youth camp, and the furniture is identical to yours. We will be replacing about 60+ cushions. I was wondering how you did the top cushion as it is rounded. Could you show a tutorial on that?

    1. I just used the original cushion covers as patterns.