My Kitchen - Great Room Makeover

Friday, September 28, 2012

After living in my starter home and fixing it up for 10 years, I finally moved into my dream home in February 2011. My dream home is a 1984 brick house with the 2 things I wanted most, a large kitchen-great room and a master bath. It has tons of built-ins and cabinets, but they are all honey oak. Needless to say, I have had my work cut out for me, but it has been fun. 5 months after moving in I started to go a bit insane with all of the honey oak in the kitchen-great room, so I started a makeover that took about a year to finish.
As I blog about each project involving the kitchen-great room makeover I will post it here:

How to Refinish a Solid Surface Counter Top
Don't worry if you have burn marks or scratches on your solid surface counter top, they are easy to get rid of.


  1. Wow! Such a huge difference. It looks wonderful. Love the flooring in your kitchen. Beautiful!

  2. Great job! We are getting ready to do the same with our wall unit. (It is honey oak as well.) Some people dislike white but, it brightens the room and just about anything goes with it.

    Again, great job!

  3. Great post!very creative way to makeover the room even the furniture so nice.. !!

  4. Very creative makeover! It’s like the whole place is totally new! I wish I could also turn my legaspi village apartment unit into this good!

  5. Your house looks great, it seems like it's not the same house anymore, a real transformation.