Microwave to Hood and a Grout Paint Pen

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update: I just bought a metal shelf from Pottery Barn and installed it above my range top. Now I just need a stainless steel range top to complete my kitchen.

Original post:
When we bought our house a year ago, I knew this microwave had to go ASAP.
It was too low and against regulation codes. It was very difficult to cook on the range below with the microwave taking up so much space. In July we took the microwave down and painted all the kitchen cabinets (photos of that project to come soon).

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER of the range area:
We bought a nice stainless steel hood, but the microwave left a big missing chunk of tile on the backsplash. The grout in the tile was also very yellow and aged looking.
We found some white tile and used a small bucket of tile cement and white grout. Lowes even cut the end tiles for us. Once the tiles were cut, the project took less than 20 minutes.
We bought the whitest tiles we could find, but they are a little more cream looking than the original tiles. I think I will eventually hang something here so it won't be as noticeable.
We bought 2 of these tile pens at Lowes for about $7 each.
 After another 20 minutes, all of our old grout looked brand new. This was so much easier than re-doing the grout!


  1. Wow, it looks way better. I didn't even know they made that kind of pen. Great home improvement for low $$.

  2. Oh my gosh! Are you kidding? It looks amazing! Great job! And I love that you did it on a budget! Thank you so much for linking up at my place! Would you mind adding my button so I can feature you?

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