Tricks to making bouquets of flowers last longer.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How can your make your cut Flowers Last Longer?
Whether your have spent money on purchasing a floral display, or whether you have cut flowers from your own yard, you are going to want the blooms to last for as long as possible. You want to have the benefit of the color, and possibly scent, in your home for a while. So what can you do to try and make this happen?
It isn’t just about the way you display the blooms, it’s also about what you can consider adding to the water in which the display is placed. 
How should you display flowers for the best longevity results?
When you first place the blooms in the vase which is being used to display them you need to make sure that you take the correct actions. Slice the bottom of each stem at approximately a 45 degree angle; this helps the flowers to absorb the water they need to survive.
You can also aid this by cutting up the middle of the stem so the bottom of it is sliced in half. Also the leaves at the bottom of the stem, which would otherwise be submerged in water, need to be removed as they will only rot otherwise. 
The blooms should be placed in a vase that has been carefully cleaned so that there is no bacteria present. Such bacteria can cause the flowers to die more quickly. Check out Fresh Flowers for delivery in Melbourne, Sydney and all other major Australian cities today.
What can be added to the water to lengthen the time cut flowers last?
Any bacteria that is present in the water can be killed using a crushed aspirin; the downside of this is that the stems of the flowers can turn an unattractive gray color. Another popular additive to the water in which flower displays are held is sugar. This provides the stems with additional nourishment. 
A couple of tablespoons of sugar and a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar make a great combination. Or you may want to consider putting that soda you’re drinking to another use. A quarter of a can of soda can also give the stems of your blooms a boost; remember that clear soda is best if you want to keep the water looking pristine. 
What else can you do to make your flower displays beautiful for longer?
It’s important to remember that the environment in which you keep a vase of flowers will have a great effect on how long it remains alive and colorful. You should try not to keep flowers in full sunlight or in a very warm environment. 

Environments like these are not conducive to making the flowers last for a long time. Aside from natural influences there is an artificial way that you can keep flowers looking fresh for longer. Stand about 12 inches away from the display and spritz it with a touch of hairspray. This may sound strange but, when combined with the other methods, it can be very effective. You should remember to spritz the underside of the blooms and foliage. 

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