Turn an Old Bike into a Balance Bike

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last year I turned my daughter's old bike into a boy approved bike for my son.

It has been an entire year and my son has ridden this bike only once. He hates bikes and refuses to learn how to ride even with training wheels. This year I learned about balance bikes and decided to try once again with this bike. My husband ripped off the training wheels, pedals, and chain, so now my son has a balance bike. A balance bike is great for teaching kids how to balance on a bike without complicating the experience with peddling. The bike has to be small enough for the child's feet to touch the ground and they simply walk with the bike and learn balance. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and was convinced that this would help my son.

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  1. The kids here in the mobile home park have a version of this craft that they do. Its called transform your bike into my bike for five dollars.