My Secret to Getting Great Deals

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I never pay full price for anything because there is always a sale or discount code. The trick is finding the coupons and codes when you want them.

I hate wasting time searching for a code or coupon on the internet, so I have an email devoted to all of my favorite stores. Whenever I am at a store and they ask if I want to sign up for special sales and discounts, I give them my email devoted to sales and deals. I sign up online at all of the places my family likes to shop and visit. Everyday I get about 100 emails from these places, but I don't read them all and they don't clog up my regular email address. When I want to go out shopping or to do something fun with my family, I search my email and almost always find a discount for where I want to go. I also take an extra minute to sign up for birthday specials at my favorite stores and restaurants. You can search for coupons online, but some of the best ones are e-mail only.

Here are just a few of the discounts I get in my email:
Banana Republic
Old Navy
Disney Store
Down East
Crazy 8
Living Social
The Children's Place
Vistaprint Coupon Codes
and tons more....

I have done so many things with my family that we never would have done because of special promotions and deals I have gotten in my email. When I go Back to School shopping for my kids I check my email for specials and promotions and save tons of money.

Thanks to Vistaprint for sponsoring this post. They always have crazy good coupons and promotions going on and are good to get email from. They even do T-shirts, which is going to come in really handy for doing my son's Drum-line shirts this Summer.

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