Hardwood Floor Colors

Monday, August 15, 2011

We finally finished painting our cabinets, but before I reveal them I want to get the new floor in. The tile that was there was a pink/salmon color and many of them were cracked and broken.
I want the look of hardwood with the durability of laminate. I have found some really good laminates that look like real hardwood. I even took a sample and pounded on it with a hammer and barely dented it. I have been wanting a really dark hardwood, but hear that pet hair and lint shows more with dark wood. We don't have a pet now, but will in the future. What do you think? What experiences have you had with laminate and hardwood floors? I would love any opinions and experiences.
This is the floor we installed at our last house:
We installed this pergo laminate floor almost 10 years ago and it still looked like new when we sold our house a few months ago. I really loved it and always got compliments.

Here are some photos from that I like:












So what do you think? Dark wood or a little lighter (really light is not an option)? Leave a comment or a link to a blog post with a photo of your floors.


  1. Check out the pics of Andrew and Caleb in their jeep. The pics are some of the most recent pics in the "Andrew and Caleb 2011" photo album on FB. You can see our wood floors - called Brazilian Koa and I love it! It's darker and it has a lot of variation to it. The color will, of course, differ depending on brand and material.

    This is Michelle Perrine (Campbell) - btw! :-D

  2. We restored the original wood floors in the living room of our house a few years back and picking out the stain was a little overwhelming for me. I had to live with some samples for a couple days before I could make up my mind. I don't remember what the color name was that we went with, but it might have just been "natural" or something like that. When it was all said and done, I liked the lighter colors for our home. They keep it a little brighter. I would pick picture #6 above as something close to what my home has.

  3. We installed a light "hardwood" laminate in our new house in 06. it still looks brand new. 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 kids. i love the way it looks and the durability of it. i would definitely choose a laminate again in a second. and i call it my wood floor. i have one tiny damage spot where i left a bag of garbage and it leaked a bit, so the "wood" has a tiny bubble like spot which you can only see in certain light. its a floating floor.

  4. I think just about anything would show up more with dark flooring. However, my opinion is that if you want dark flooring, don't let pet hair stop you. Heck, you probably sweep frequently anyway. I think not getting dark flooring becUse you'd be worried to see more mess is almost like always painting all your walls white because it matches everything. Takes the fun out of it. Particularly since you don't plan to go to very light anyway, you're still going to have dark-ish floors. Of course, this is just my uneducated and biased opinion, but I say go for it!

  5. Thanks for all the advise everyone. I think I will take Jessica's advise and do what I want. I have been telling the kids that we would get a dog when our youngest is 5 and he turns 5 in a year. I guess I will just have to match the dog to the flooring that I choose. Maybe a dark chocolate furred dog. Is that weird or wrong to match your dog to your flooring? LOL. There are still hundreds of choices in the dark section of flooring so keep the advise coming!

  6. I have a golden retriever/border collie mix that sheds like crazy and in our previous home we had dark hardwood floors that had to be swept at least once a day if not more, it shows up horribly and drove me nuts! LOL In our kitchen now we installed Allure flooring. If we didn't tell, people didn't know it wasn't real hardwood floors. I absolutely love it! We now own 3 cats and 2 dogs and you couldn't tell from the floors. They are easy to take care of too. I'm leaving you a link to my floors that has a link to the flooring.

  7. My preference is hardwood. I've had both laminate and hardwood and hardwood wins hands down in our family. It's incredibly durable (especially with kids and pets) and if it does get damaged you can refinish them (not the case with laminate). I tend to like the darked finishes best (although our current home has medium toned hardwood). As for pet hair will depend on the color of your pet ~ we have a beagle with dark hair and it doesn't show on our medium toned floors (and wouldn't on dark wood either). I really don't think the pet hair (regardless of color) would stand out any more or less on hardwood than it would on tile or carpeting. Go for it!


  8. I really love the dark of the first 3 pics - for some reason, I don't like walking (barefoot) on light floors, unless carpet. Cold. But dark woods give me a sense of warmth.. is that just me?

  9. All the colors of the hardwood floors shown in the pics seems warmth giving and are great. Flooring forms the base of the interior scheme and with the many choices can be easy to get carried away and forget about the practical aspects to be considered.