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98th Penny Pinching Party


  1. Thanks for hosting this great party again!!

  2. Somehow I missed the party. I'll be back next week!

  3. My parents have a hardwood veneer floor - only the top 1/8" is hardwood, the rest is another wood - not sure what it is. But, theirs looks most like #5 in your post. They've had some large items dropped on it that I thought for sure was going to leave a mark, but nothing. It has only been a few years, and granted they ARE empty nesters, but their floor looks great. I do agree - with it being a darker finish, you can sure see the dust, though. I like the floors that have that little bit of texture to it - not completely flat - but I'm not a total fan of those with a lot of texture like #1. I think you're on the right track - not too dark, but not too light - some texture, but not a ton. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures of all your hard work. You guys have great taste, I know you'll do something great.