Winners of H&R Tax Preparation - Happy April Fools!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools everyone! I would love to hear of any fun pranks or fun things you did today; Just post a comment below. I am sure the web will be filled with many surprises today and here is one that made me chuckle: This is a blog about Gary and Elaine who live in catalogs like Pottery Barn.

…Because, Elaine, I’ve always wanted to know what I look like in the bathtub, and you so stubbornly refuse to take a picture.

So far all I did to my family today was scare my kids this morning with some fake spiders in their bedrooms.
That is about as far as I take April Fools these days. I used to post outrageous things on my family blog, but it wasn't so funny when family believed them wholeheartedly. One post was about my husband loosing his job and being offered a position in France. A lot of family believed that we were moving to France if they couldn't help my DH find a job. So now I just stick with fake spiders.

Winners of H&R Block Tax Preparation!

Congratulations to Lynn from Kansas