79th Penny Pinching Party-Moving Box Maze

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FREE Moving Boxes!!!
When we moved to our new house last month we discovered 2 great sources for boxes.
1. The Grocery Store
Just go to the produce department and they will give you apple boxes and other fruit boxes with lids.
2. WalMart
Go around midnight when they are stocking the shelves. Ask them to save some boxes for you and then pick them up in the morning. We got tons of cereal boxes (the big ones they are shipped in) this way.

We moved from a 2248 square foot house to a 4700 square foot house. We don't have enough furniture to fill all of the rooms so our basement room (soon to be media room with a projector) was the perfect place to build a maze for the kids. We just opened the bottoms of the boxes and taped them together. This amazing room has been a big hit with the kids and their friends.

FREE H&R Block Tax Preparation!
I started this giveaway late due to moving and now no one is entering. I thought there would be a lot more procrastinators like me out there. I have 5 codes to give away and only 3 entries so far. This has got to be the easiest giveaway to win! Just leave a comment and you will pretty much win. The contest ends today!


  1. That's very cool! My boys would love that maze. (I think even my husband would get in on that action. Congrats on your new home!

  2. when we moved [teacher married to pastor] we hand HUNDREDS of books. they must be packed in small strong boxes - large boxes too heavy to lift! We found the guys at our local boozebusters store really helpful giving us lots of free boxes whixh had held bottles of beer/wine. [stuff I never drink!!!]
    best wishes in the new home - blessings x

  3. Hello,I'm Marilyn from stopping by and indulging in your blog, LOVE it.. Hope you can stop by mine sometime.. TY.. Lovely posts...

  4. Thanks for the tip on the boxes! I'm going to be moving in the summer to the house we are renovating (I've been blogging about my renovations at and I know I will be needing LOTS of boxes!

    I've also linked up my recipe for Slow Cooker Beer Braised Short Ribs. Thanks for hosting each week!

    Christina @ It's a Keeper

  5. Tomato boxes are great! They stack well, come with lids and built-in handles, and hold just enough for the average person to lift and carry. Thanks for hostessing!!

  6. Looks like a great idea for the kids!!!


  7. Hi! I came over from Sunny's blog, Life in Rehab. This is my first time joining the link party. Thanks for hosting!

  8. What fun- I bet the kids LOVE the maze! Thanks for hosting today ;)

  9. I think the maze looks soooo fun.
    Thank you for hosting a link get together each week. I look forward to finding new ideas here.