45th Penny Pinching Party

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Since my theme for this month is Refinished Furniture, I will post a different project I have worked on each week this month. My 99 year old grandmother recently moved into a rest home and I acquired a few pieces of furniture from her house. I started refinishing some of them back in February, but never finished any of them. I thought that hosting a Refinished Furniture Party for the month of August might help motivate me and thankfully it has. It will also be nice to have a bunch of great ideas from all of you for inspiration for future projects.

I was really excited to find these old chairs at my grandmother's house because I had been looking for some for my kitchen table. I have a very small dining area in my kitchen, so I bought a small IKEA kitchen table with 4 chairs (We have 5 in our family). I like being able to push the small table up against the wall when we are not eating and our old big table was hard to walk around. Now I have plenty of seating and space. Buying 2 extra chairs at IKEA would have cost as much as the whole table and chair set, but these were FREE! Even the paint and fabric I used didn't cost anything because I used what I already had laying around.

Here is my table pushed up against the wall and out of the way (The picture hanging above the table is also from my grandmother's house and I do plan on painting the frame a different color).

Here it is pulled out for dinner time. Maybe one day I will have my dream house with a large dining area that can fit  a nice big table, but until then this will have to work.

If you have any Refinished Furniture projects you would like to share, click on the button below. For everything else, continue on to the Penny Pinching Party below.

The Thrifty Home Refinished Furniture Party

45th Penny Pinching Party!
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  1. Thanks for hosting. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Jen, This is my first time at the Penny Pinching Party. Great idea for a "gathering" (-:

  3. Thank you for hosting again!!! :)

  4. I did really good job refinishing those chairs from your grandmother. They look like brand new.