33rd Penny Pinching Party

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Every week there is always one post that really stands out in my mind and I usually end up incorporating it in my life somehow. That is what I love about these Penny Pinching Parties; I am becoming a better person every week!

Last week there were a ton of great posts, but the one I have been thinking the most about is Home and Heart's Organic Priorities. For those of us who want to eat healthy organic food, but can't afford to buy all of our food organic, she tells us which produce has the highest pesticide levels and which food has the lowest. I knew a few of the foods on her list like kale (I always buy that organic), but learned about some new ones. I always thought that carrots were safe since they were under ground, but I was wrong. Go check her blog out to see what food is worth spending the extra money on to get organic and which isn't.

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY for EcoSMART's organic pesticides!

Now let's PARTY!
33rd Penny Pinching Party

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  1. That looks like a great post to read up on! Thanks for sharing! (And hosting the party!)

  2. Hi,
    I jsut found your blog and am now your newest follower. Thank you for hosting the party. I appreciate the chance to share my planter and see some other thrifty projects! Since I have a large family, I have pursued a thrifty lifstyle since way before it was fashionable! :-)
    Thanks again!

  3. I need to go check out that post. Thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks for hosting again.

  4. Hi Jen! Thanks for hosting, I am your newest follower!