Moon Cake

Friday, July 24, 2009

This is the cake I made last month for my 11 year old son's birthday:
I used this pan and made a 100% whole wheat chocolate cake.
We went to Clark Planetarium up in Salt Lake City and he requested a moon cake. It was really easy to make. I just baked it in the bowl shapes, cut the bottom off one shape so it would sit flat, and then put the 2 halves together. I frosted it and stuck some figures on top. Since I made it out of all whole wheat flour it ended up being pretty heavy, but the kids loved it and had no clue.


  1. Fantastic cake. I'm sure your son was very happy.

  2. Hi Sweets, thanks for the comment and visit
    Sits is the bomb
    and so is your cake!!!

  3. That is the coolest cake ever! What a great idea! -Kelsee

  4. Such an adorable cake! I would have never though of that. AWESOME Job!!

  5. That cake turned out soooo CUTE!!!! How creative!

  6. Wow. Your cake turned out great! We just visited the Planetarium for the 40th Anniversary of man landing on the moon. The boys loved it and we've followed up with several fun activities...your cool cake may have to be next!

  7. love the cake, its so creative.
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