Thursday, July 9, 2009

Note: When signing up for FREE samples or other offers I always use a secondary email and phone number.

bodycology FREE Sample
(click on picture)

GoodNites Underpants FREE Sample
(click on picture)

Huggies Free Sample (Click on picture)
Free sample is for newborn or size 1
Here is an interesting Freebie. I don't think that I have the guts to do it, but maybe my kids will.

Friday, July 10th
5th Annual Cow Appreciation Day
Come into any Chick-fil-A restaurant dressed as a cow and
receive a free meal!
They even supply you with a printable costume.
If anyone does this, I would love to see pictures!

Just click on the cow to go to their site and get your costume kit or more info.
I love Chick-fil-A because they use real chicken that hasn't been ground into unrecognizable pieces. I also love to dip my chicken in honey which they supply and other restaurants don't anymore.

FREE clinics for kids, but you have to sign up and they fill up quick.
I was too late to sign up for these, but they are still available in some Lowes stores.
(Click on the picture to sign up)

7-11 FREE Slurpee

"Guess what's coming soon? July 11th. As in 7-Eleven. As in the single greatest day of the year. R.S.V.P. to the party via Facebook. And when we say party, we mean par-tay. We'll be giving out free 7.11 oz. Slurpee drinks and cup-loads of other prizes*. There's also a slurp-prise on July 11th so check back then."
I was addicted to the green apple flavor when I was pregnant. Somehow it helped with my nausea and just hit the spot for me. My poor DH drove all around town one night looking for a 7-11 that had the green apple flavor.

FREE Sample of Zun Spot
(Click Picture)

Mars Chocolate
Don't forget to get your FREE chocolate today! You can get 4 per household each Friday, you just have to have 4 different e-mails. Last week I signed my DH up with his work email without telling him. He called me from work all excited that he got an email telling him that his free chocolate coupon was on its way.
Click the picture to get yours!

My favorite flavor is Caribbean Passion.

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  1. Ohh I love these free deals!! Thanks Jen. I actually have three blogs, one is my preschool so parents can see what we are doing in class. I think that blogging is what keeps me sane!! jk. Yeah Christmas morning, if you weren't awake by 4 a.m you missed out!!