12:34:56 7/8/09

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"For the digitally inclined, Wednesday marks a cool spot in sequential history. At exactly 12:34:56, the time and date will be 12:34:56 7/08/09. That only happens once -- or twice -- every 100 years, so for some, it's worth celebrating."

To read the rest of this article from the Chicago Tribune, click HERE

So my question to all of you is this:
What were you doing at 12:34:56 on 7/8/09?
Leave a comment and share with us.
I don't know what I will be doing (it is 11:10 AM for me right now), but I will most likely be putting my son down for is nap.


  1. i was just finishing up lunch at the zoo, getting the kids packed up to go home for naps.

  2. I wish I had been doing something glamorous, but I was changing diapers. Lol Story of my life really! -Kelsee

  3. I ended up putting my son down for his nap at 12:34. Wish I had been at the zoo though. What a fun birthday to have for all of those babies born on 7-8-09.

  4. Aww...I totally missed it! I have no idea what I was doing at the time. Actually...I was probably on the computer doing something or other...I'm an addict.
    {stopping by from SITS}