Were Do You Keep Your Kitchen Knives?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have wanted a good place to put my kitchen knives for a while. I have been keeping them in my drawer with all of my other utensils knowing that this could be dangerous for anyone digging around in the drawer. I hate knife blocks because they take up valuable space on the counter. Several months ago I bought a magnetic strip for knifes at IKEA. I went to hang it up, but couldn't find a spot for it so it went out in the garage. As I was cleaning out my garage this month I came across it and was reminded that I need to find a better place for my knives. My almost 2 year old has reached the height that he can get into the drawer with the knives, which has made me nervous. I have been thinking all week about where I can hang this magnetic knife holder when it finally came to me! I have a spot above my stove that would be perfect. I removed my pot holders that were hanging there and voila! Out of reach of kids, but easily accessable to me!
Where to you keep your kitchen knives?


  1. Um, unsafely in the silverware drawer, and in a counter-hogging knife caddy. I need somethin' like that - good idea.

  2. In a small knife block that keeps the blade sharp, the knifes handy and most of all, in an unused corner behind the dish drainer. But once upon a time when there were small children running about the knife block was on top of my fridge, which is where I still keep my second knife block that stores my steak knives.
    Would love one of the magnetic ones, but this is tiny kitchen and there isn't one single wall where I could hang the darn thing. Too bad your's looks great!

  3. Thanks for the comments Vikki. I think that is very practical to keep knives in a block that sharpenes them. I like to keep my knives dull because I am so clumbsy. I too don't use coupons because they are mostly for overprocessed foods. People automatically assume that because I am thrifty, I must use coupons.

  4. I read somewhere recently that most kitchen knife accidents are caused by dull knives. It's because they take more pressure and force to make a cut, and that can lead to accidents. We just got new kitchen knives, and I have to tell you, I totally understand that now. They are super sharp and it takes little to no pressure to slice a tomato or whatever.

  5. Hi! New here and poking around.

    We just got the niftiest knife holder. It goes under the counter and swivels out - Wusthof Under Cabinet Knife Block. Pitched that old counter hog right into the trash bucket.