Finished Garage Wall

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All month long I have been working on one wall in my garage. It is the only wall that has drywall on it and in 30 years has never been painted. I decided that since this is the first wall that we see when we come home, it should look good. I spent a couple of days cleaning out junk and hanging a shelf and nicer pegs. Then I spent last week putting some texture on the wall to hide all of the holes and gouges. Saturday I spent my entire day painting the wall. Can you blame me for not doing anything to this wall in the last 8 years I have lived here? What a lot of work for one wall!

I used up a half can of primer and 2 different leftover paint cans for the base coat (I just mixed them all together.) I used some leftover green kitchen paint for the bottom part of the wall and some leftover living room paint for the top part. I would have never put these 2 colors together intentionally inside of my house, but they go well for the garage.

Total cost for this project:
1 shelf = $0 used an old one from a closet
2 wooden boards with pegs = $0 left over from one of the kids rooms
1 box of plaster for texture = $7
5 different paint cans of leftover paint = $0
1 framed puzzle discarded years ago from son's room =$0
Grand Total = $7

I almost forgot about the new door! I was tired of having a dog door in our door when we no longer have a dog. I listed our old door on craigslist and sold it an hour later for $25 right off the hinges! My DH came home to no door and he had to go to the store for a new one and install it right way. That was sneaky of me to pull such a trick on him, but I had been asking for a new door for 2 years. This way he had to get me a new one! LOL! The new door was $116, but with my $25 from the old door it was $91. So technically the total cost of my garage wall re-do was $98.

The fun part was that I let my kids help me paint. They always want to help me paint, but I don't usually let them because I want the finished job to look good. I wasn't so picky about the garage wall so I let them loose! They felt very important and are now very proud of that wall.

Before Pictures (All same wall I just don't have a wide angle camera)

After Pictures

The new door came with a frame that we didn't need. Any ideas of what to do with a door frame? I guess I can take it apart and save the wood for another project. Maybe I should try selling it on craigslist. I definitely do not want it taking up space in my garage!


  1. Very nice! It feels good to reuse and repurpose things. I'll have to say that you have hardly anything in your garage. We have WAY too much stuff.

  2. You are only seeing a picture of one wall. We still can't park our 2nd car in our 2 car garage. I am getting ready for a yard sale and everything is getting piled out in the garage.

  3. Looks good!!! Spaces that look good just make you feel better. What a project. Now you know what's out there AND where it is, and that's even more important in my world.