5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Guest post by Ashley Lipman

Who says that small rooms can’t be absolutely stunning? In this modern age of environmental consciousness and freedom from possessions, many of us can benefit greatly from living in tiny houses. These small spaces are far from cramped and they make us realize the comfort of living simply, debt-free, and with the least ecological impact.

Small rooms in small houses still need a good eye for their layout, though. We’ll give you some amazing beautification tips below, specially tailored for your tiny corners!

1. Keeping It Cozy

You may feel like keeping your little room as neat and organized as possible. Let’s face it, though; you’re living there, and it’s not going to be all sleek and smart all the time. So why not embrace the natural coziness of your room and make it as comfy as possible?

Go for a plush rug and have seating placed close together. This will make for a cocoon-like nest for you to wrap yourself up in. It’ll be your relaxing haven when you come home and be beautiful in its own unique way.

2. Creating Zones

The Cornelia tiny house by New Frontier Zones is a perfect example of one tiny space encompassing several uses. It utilizes different colors to set different rooms or spaces apart. This way, no one gets confused about what goes where, and the effect is exceptionally beautiful.

The kitchen is painted in a cheerful yellow color to get the appetite going, while the bathroom's a cool green. The rest of the space is a solid wooden background where the few pieces of furniture stand out without overcrowding.

3. Choose A Statement Piece

Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving the big, interesting pieces to the large rooms or areas. The reasoning is that a large item in a small room would only make the room look smaller and more cramped.

However, having a statement vase or bold-patterned rug could actually help pull a small room together. A large rug makes the room feel larger too. This is because it will give a uniform effect to the floor while still lending its charm to the room.

In short, stick to a few large beautiful pieces of furniture and/or decorations. Tiny things in a tiny space will just create a feeling of messy havoc. Splurge on oversized chairs, like a hammock chair, and don’t be afraid of having a chest double as a coffee table!

4. Curtains Should Be Light And Matching

Having light curtains instead of heavy ones will help to keep the light at a maximum within a small room. You should also try having them match your wall color or wallpaper as much as possible.

While we’re on the subject of curtains, you don’t have to limit them to the windows! Curtains could be great for hiding beds during the daytime, or simply for creating a tiny private space if needed.

Since your room is already small, invest in curtains that provide a nice look when on display. They may very well be making the fourth wall of your room for some time!

5. The Jewel Effect

Paint your walls with a dark or deep color in solid tones. Then, make sure your large decorations are in bold and right hues. This will make them pop against the background and create a jewelry box feeling.

You can also make sure your bedding or cushions are made up of bold, striking shades. These will create a much bigger impact inside a small room than larger ones.

Have a home office or are dreaming of one? You can easily put your tiny room towards this purpose by mounting a slab of wood on the wall. This will save you the space that an actual desk would take up.

You can even make this mounted desk more pleasing to the eye by mounting shelves all around it. This will give you space for showcasing your books, some potted plants, and some tasteful decorative items. Leave the rest of the wall empty, though; it could prove distracting and take away from the beautiful masterpiece you already have up there.

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