Big Renovations on a Small Budget

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Renovations can cost you tons of money and quickly put you over budget. All the little things add up quickly and the next thing you know, you have no more money,and the project is at a halt.
But you do not need to spend a ton to do renovations. There are ways to make it seem like you completed a big renovation without actually spending a lot. With proper planning, budgeting and scoping out the sales, you’ll be looking at Edmonton real estate or anywhere else to bring on the next renovation project.
Here are ways you can do a big renovation on a small budget.

Start With Organizing
Before you being drastic renovations that include tearing down walls, consider doing some organizing first. Go through each room one at a time and pull out items you don’t need or use anymore. Sell them for a few bucks that can help pay for the renovations.
Neatly organize the room in a way that is efficient for you. Add in drawer dividers, move the shelves of a cabinet around or add in any other shelving that organizes the room without taking up space. You may notice you have more room than you initially thought and just saved yourself a ton of money not having to rip down walls to expand.
A Coat of Paint Does Wonders
Sometimes all a room needs to give it a makeover is a coat of paint. You don’t always have to completely change the room’s structure for it to be renovated. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is a simple and affordable way to improve the look and features of a home.
Sometimes you don’t even need to paint all the walls. If you are happy with the color you already have but want to liven the room up a bit, paint an accent wall. You only have to paint one wall now instead of multiple ones whichwill save you a lot on paint.
Consider Long-Term Savings
It is easy to get yourself caught in the mindset of how much you are saving right now by going for something cheaper. The problem, though, is that may be true right now, but it isn’t always true later on. There are circumstances where it is worth spending more money up front to save a ton of cash down the road.
Look at items like energy efficient furnaces, dishwashers, toilets and other appliances. They may be more money at first, but they will save you more down the road on your power and water bills. Plus they will increase the value of your home too.
Do As Much As You Can Yourself
It can cost a lot of money when you start bringing in help. Although there will be circumstances where you need to hire a professional (plumbing, electrical, etc.), see where you can cut costs on labor and do it yourself. The money you might save from manual labor could be the difference of coming in under or over budget.


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