Instant Pot - Black Friday Deal!

Friday, November 25, 2016

I LOVE my Instant Pot and this is a killer price!!! I got mine on Amazon Prime Day in July for about the same price and I've been using it daily since. I originally got my Instant Pot because it is stainless steel which is healthier than the ceramic dish in crock-pots. I've since learned that this isn't my mother's pressure cooker and it is extremely versatile. I love throwing potatoes in and having almost instant mashed potatoes minutes later. Hard boiled eggs take a few minutes without watching and come out perfect. I've thrown out my rice cooker since this does a better and quicker job. Anything that would take all day to cook in a crock-pot, takes a few minutes and tastes just as good or better. Google "Instant-Pot recipes" and be amazed!

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