Using Mosaic Tiles in Your Home

Thursday, April 21, 2016

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The thought of using mosaic tiles in the home tends to frighten some people. However, homeowners are able to bring their homes look to the next level, with mosaic tiles, the possibilities are endless. Any room in a home can have texture and color added to it. Both the mood and look of a room are influenced by the use of mosaic tiles while also providing a great focal point for designing. Use of these tiles dates back to approximately 1500 B.C., bringing artistic and classic dimension to custom homes around the world. PlumbTile deals with the leading stained-glass tile and mosaic manufacturer, Hirsch Glass to help bring an authentic look to your home.

Bathroom Uses

The majority of people consider bathrooms as the main place of using mosaic tiles. To receive a feeling of both beauty and luxury, have mosaic tiles placed around your entire tub area. Have the look of a personal spa by enclosing the shower area with these beautiful tiles. Texture and depth are created in your bathroom when using a variety of colors while remaining with the same hue. 

Uses in Kitchens

When used in kitchens, mosaic tiles are able to bring out cabinetries natural beauty when placed as a backsplash. To highlight different colors and beauty of these tiles, try placing lighting underneath your cabinets. When used in modern kitchens, they tend to break up designs and create an interest. 

Mosaic Tiles for Floors 

Various sizes and colors of mosaic tiles used on any floor of your home have the ability to create an attractive and intricate design. When used on an entranceway, it can be used as a focal point for guests.

Hirsch Glass from PlumbTile is a great place for your purchase of mosaic tile to bring artistry into your home. 

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