Supplements for anxiety, depression and adrenal fatigue

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This page has all of the supplements my family is taking for various reasons. I created this page for myself so that I can keep track of everything and record what works and what doesn't. If it helps anyone else, that's a bonus!

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advise. Take supplements at your own risk and do your research. Some supplements, like Taurine, can thin your blood and should not be combined with medication.

Anxiety and Depression

I buy these supplements and take 1 of each at bedtime, except for the magnesium which I take 2 at bedtime and 2 in the morning. These supplements together create almost everything that is in the Chill Pill sold by Dr. Holtorf. By ordering everything separately I can get higher amounts for half the price. The Chill Pill only has 75 mg magnesium per serving, but the Jigsaw Magnesium has 500 mg per serving, which is close to the recommend amount to take per day.

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