Inspirational Quote Poster and Bathroom Shelf Decor

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm a sucker for inspirational quotes and small start-up companies, so when Pratima contacted me from Craft Street Design to see if I would review a poster, of course I said yes!

I am in love with my poster! Look how cute it was packaged up and mailed!

Confession: I originally chose this quote to go in the kid's bathroom, but when it came in the mail I couldn't part with it and decided to put it in my bathroom instead.

Fun fact: Each design is actually created by hand before it is digitized.

I fell in love with this weathered frame from Michaels, but didn't like the price and have tons of old frames at home. I found an already weathered looking frame in my storage and lightly brushed it with turquoise acrylic paint. After it dried, I sanded it a little and lightly sprayed it with a clear top coat.

I am thrilled with how the frame turned out and think it is perfect for this poster! I wanted a weathered sea look to go with the mermaid quote. This particular quote has a lot of meaning to me and now I get to see it everyday when I step out of the shower and start my day.
Thank you Pratima!

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