The Emotional Benefits of Fresh Flowers

Thursday, December 24, 2015

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I randomly picked up some flowers for my mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law last week and had no idea the impact that simple act would do. My mother and grandmother were so touched that they got emotional and teared up and my mother-in-law was equally touched. I just wanted to let them know that I was thinking of them and appreciate them. It was a wonderful experience for me as the giver and I think it meant more that it wasn't a special occasion that made me obligated to give them something. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't enjoy receiving flowers. Enjoy the article!

The Emotional Benefits of Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to any home. They provide pops of color in spaces that might not otherwise have any. They also make your rooms smell nice without harsh chemicals or overpowering aromas. But can flowers do more? Can they affect your emotions in a positive way? Absolutely. If you are curious how, read on for a discussion of their positive effects on your emotions.


Flowers can affect a person’s happiness. Just being given fresh flowers leads to an instant increase in mood, according to studies from Harvard University in Massachusetts. In the ten-month study, people who received fresh flowers universally, regardless of age group, showed true excitement and smiled happily. But flowers have a more long-term effect as well. Those who kept fresh flowers in their homes for just a few days reported a decrease in depression, anger, hopelessness and loneliness and an increase in positive emotions such as well-being and satisfaction with their workplaces, their relationships and with their lives in general.


Compassion is another important benefit of fresh flowers. Those individuals who kept bouquets of blooms in their houses reported feeling more compassionate, and more willing to help others. They also reported being more kind, approachable and friendly toward their family and friends, and in some cases actually buying flowers for others, thereby spreading the joy and compassion they felt. This compassionate outpouring also extended to co-workers and random strangers, leaving the study participants feeling kinder overall.

Decrease in Anxiety

Participants in the ten-month study on the positive effects of keeping fresh flowers in the home reported another striking effect of the brilliant blooms. They noted that their feelings of anxiety decreased after having fresh flowers in their homes for a few days, a decrease which could not be accounted for by any other changes in life circumstances that the participants may have had. Furthermore, this decrease in anxiety occurred for people of all age groups and walks of life.

Flowers are a wonderful gift for everyone. They are fun to give and fun to receive. The next time you get ready to give someone a beautiful gift fit for any occasion, be sure to remember the positive mood-altering effects of fresh flowers. Your recipient will adore them. But where can you find fresh flowers? Flowers for Everyone have a wide range of fresh flowers, certain to suit all your needs.

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