Best Black Friday Purchase for this Introvert! 313th Penny Pinching Party

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It seems that Black Friday creeps up earlier every year and is actually more of a Thanksgiving sale now.

I enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family and looked at all of the ads after dinner which is a tradition. My dad always goes out and buys the 2 main papers and we all look over the ads and plan our Black Friday while talking and eating pie. I purposely didn't look at any ads online since I enjoy this tradition and didn't want any spoilers. I was very sad to see that most of the sales were on Thanksgiving.

My husband and I went home and put our youngest to bed and asked our oldest to be responsible. Then we went out at 10:00 pm Thanksgiving night to see if there were any doorbuster left. Yep!!! We got everything we wanted! I even got myself some Beats Studio noise-cancelling headphones for $150. This is something I have always wanted, but never could justify the price. So far they have been worth every penny. 

I'm an introvert and don't do well when interrupted. It's one of my biggest pet peeves! For some reason, my kids think that when I'm making dinner it's the perfect time to talk to me. I love talking to my kids, but not when I'm concentrating on making dinner. I loose my place in the recipe over and over again and it takes me twice as long as it would if I were alone. Now I just wear my Beats and listen to music. I can't hear anyone or anything other than my thoughts and the music. It's wonderful and my kids are learning that when my headphones are on, they can't talk to me. I'm also walking the dog more and am generally more productive.
Note: My youngest is 8 years old, so this won't work if you have little ones. 

How was your Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

Party starts at midnight on Wednesday morning!

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