How To Get The Clean Bathroom You’ve Always Dreamed About

Thursday, October 15, 2015

by DBS Bathrooms

Once we have created our dream bathroom, we vow to keep it spotless for all eternity; only to find three months down the line that we have put off that weekly clean for almost a month now. But with these top secret cleaning hints and tips, you can say farewell to elbow grease and give your bathroom a shine that will have all your guests talking:

We all know the horrors of trying to find an all-purpose cleaner that really does the trick without choking us with its overpowering smell. So why not take matters into your own hands?

  • Baking soda
  • Liquid soap
  • Water
  • Tea tree oil (to create your own shower spray or paste and scrub away for a toxin-free gleam.)
According to hotel managers, running hot water in your basin for a few minutes loosens up dirt and grime, making the process much easier.

When it is time to freshen up your bathroom, why not invest in an easy-to-clean material, rather than opting for more expensive tiles that require a good scrub? Choosing cladding or panelling means simply wiping down your walls after a shower; rather than scrubbing the day away.

Exfoliate your toilet to get rid of those germs that clog up your bowl with less than enticing smells, with this simple recipe. You will still need to clean your bowl thoroughly from time to time, but with this handy trick; you can reduce the amount of scrubbing and enjoy the fresher things in life.

The pro’s always choose microfibre cloths over cotton alternatives. By utilising more fibres than their less effective cousins, they attract more dirt with far less effort. Simply boil your cloths after use, and avoid throwing them in with your regular washing, to ensure that they last longer.

According to The Accidental Housewife, one trick to cleaning mirrors that are prone to fogging is to spread shaving foam over your mirror and simply wipe it off with kitchen tissue paper. Apply the shaving foam in circular motions, and say goodbye to battling streak marks forever!

All it takes to ensure a sparkling floor is a weekly vacuum and quick going over with floor wipes. Doing this regularly prevents the growth of mould, and won’t take you more than five minutes to tackle. Wipes make the job much more simple than hauling out the mop and bucket.

Always keep a cleaning toothbrush to hand to help you clean those hard to reach spaces. Open your windows to deter the growth of bathroom bacteria. Come up with a cleaning process to help you get everything you need to done.

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