Marquee Decorations for your Garden Wedding

Thursday, July 2, 2015

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If you are getting married soon, you may be thinking about renting a garden marquee for the reception. Aside from the costs, decorating it to a suitable standard is another problem. There are all kinds of creative, colorful and economic ways to decorate your marquee. Be willing to spend time considering ideas, sourcing materials and doing some handmade crafting to complete marquee decorations before the big day. A general tip in decorating your garden marquee is to create a light metal framework around the roof to hang things on. Make your wedding a magical and memorable affair by following these budget- friendly decorative ideas:

Add allure with candles

Candles can provide a fabulous effect in a setting. Colored candles are readily available and fitting them in with your color scheme should be easy. Candles can be used to create table centerpieces along with other materials. If candelabras or candle sticks are not an option, why not use painted or colored glass jars or wine bottles sprayed with metallic paint? Alternately hang lanterns from the metal framework. Tea lights can also be utilized to good effect, particularly in plain vases, floating in water.

Feather up

Feathers are luxuriant and glamorous; just picture the Mardi Gras girls in Rio. Ostrich feathers are relatively inexpensive and available in an array of colors. Match feathers to your wedding outfits and table decorations or use them as table centerpieces. Feathers make fantastic fan arrangements that can be used to adorn the walls of the marquee. However you decide to use them, be assured that they add a real touch of sophistication to a dull setting.

Go crazy with ribbons

Ribbons, available in a myriad of satin colors, polka dots or printed patterns, are another economical way to decorate garden marquees for a wedding. It is best to go with plain white marquees from Tesco.

Pick bold colors that complement with your table linen and lay ribbons across the width of the table. You can also tie napkins with them or arrange them into simple bows on the backs of chairs. Name cards can be strung on them to avoid table clutter.

Say it with flowers

Pursuing a floral theme does not have to be expensive. Good quality paper flowers are available; which, with time spent on the arrangement, can provide a very acceptable finish to the marquee’s overall look. If you use real flowers, then go seasonal and pick ones that are readily available. A few pleasantly scented hanging baskets, with the plants at their most colorful, can be strategically placed around the marquee. Floral centerpieces are also a hit among guests, especially those that really smell good. 

Go Seasonal

If your wedding coincides with a holiday (Christmas, Easter) or special days (Valentine’s Day) you already have a ready-made theme. For Christmas weddings, glittering lights, baubles and seasonally festooned Christmas trees are a must. Decorate the tables with sprays of holly and Yule logs as centerpieces. Use Christmas themed linen that will be available on the high street. You could even have a Father Christmas to hand out the wedding favors.

Whatever theme you choose, remember that you begin with a white canvas. The rest is up to your imagination. 

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