295th Penny Pinching Party, Gotta go Home by Rainy Day

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wow, I've been having a super busy-crazy month and can't believe it is already July 15th!
When I get some time, there are so many things I need to blog about. One post I've been meaning to write is how I bought an infrared sauna for health reasons and also use it as a recording studio for my daughter. It is the perfect place for her to record music that she writes with her best friend. My son loves the sauna for his Hashimoto's, I love it for detoxing and getting rid of headaches, and my daughter loves it for recording music. It was a bit of an investment, but is paying off and has been worth it.

My daughter has written and recorded a song with her BFF and put it up on iTunes. She is working on more songs and will have an album out soon. If you would like to help out a couple of 14 year old girls who are thrilled to have a song out that they wrote and recorded by themselves, you can buy their song, Gotta go Home, by Rainy Day, or just give them a 5 star review (or both). They even did their own photo shoot for the album cover.


  1. Sounds like you have a very talented daughter! Will check out their song! Thanks for hosting!
    - Nancy

  2. Thanks for hosting and have a great week!