The Benefits of House Plant Hire

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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House plants can add a fresh feel to your home, especially on special occasions, but they can also be costly both in price and time to care for them.  There are more ways to get the benefit of the color and beauty of houseplants than just purchasing though; you can try house plant hire.
You may be thinking why would you want to hire a plant when you can just go to a store and buy one but there are several ways in which hiring can be beneficial. 
A special occasion can look brighter with plants 
If you’re having a wedding at home you may want to continue the natural feel of your outside space indoors.  House plants can help this happen.  For a one-off occasion like a wedding you probably won’t want to spend a lot of money on buying plants that you only want for a short time period.  Add to that the fact that you also don’t want to have to care for the plants for any longer than necessary, and hiring plants is a great idea. 
The time factor
If you want your house to be a plant paradise you are probably going to need some sizeable plants to get the desired effect.  You may want to make the place more inviting for house guests, or you may be enticing potential buyers when you are trying to sell your home.  Whatever the reason for wanting the improvement you may not have the cash to go out and buy plants of a suitable size and you probably won’t have the time to wait for affordable plants to grow.  Hiring plants to impress can be the solution to the problem
A chance for variety
There are a myriad of different house plants around that can make your home look beautiful.  There are also plants that can have a positive effect on your home environment such as helping with the improvement of air quality.  You may not want to stick to one particular variety of plant; change can be a good thing and swapping plants is a good way of giving your home a new look.  It would be very expensive to buy new plants on a regular basis and you would have to dispose of the ones you already have to make room.  
Plant hire offers the perfect solution.  You can hire plants on a short term basis, then replace them with a whole different selection. 
A trial for ownership

If you’re not used to having plants around your home and you’re not sure how well you are going to be able to deal with them, or whether you are going to want them in your home on a permanent basis, you can try hiring.  If you discover that you don’t really think you’re a plant person you just don’t hire again.  You aren’t wasting money buying plants that you then end up wanting to get rid of.

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