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Monday, May 19, 2014

When Snugg contacted me about doing an iPad mini case review, I was actually in need of a new case so I happily agreed. Here is my review after using the case for a week:

•Snugg lifetime guarantee.
•Made out of leather and quality construction.
•Fits my iPad perfectly and provides full protection.
•Great stand with 2 ways to prop up. I like being able to have it fully propped up for cooking and then propped less for reading in bed.
•It doesn't slip out of my hands or fall down from the stand like my last case did.
•Has 4 credit card slots and a pocket. I don't use this feature now, but may when I take my iPad on vacation with me this Summer.
•Has a hand strap.
• Sleep and wake switch.
• Comes in 14 different colors.

•A bit more bulky.
•The volume controls and other side buttons are a little harder to get to. Not too difficult, but you do have to poke your finger in the case a little to get to the buttons. This also means the buttons and iPad are well protected, so I'm not sure it is a bad thing.

Overall I really like this iPad case and would recommend it to anyone just because of the lifetime guarantee. I have had my iPad mini for almost 2 years now and have gone through 2 cheap cases that have worn out. Paying a little more for a case with a lifetime guarantee seems to make sense now.

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