All These Little Things…. That Make a Big Interior Design Difference

Saturday, May 31, 2014

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It can be very easy to spend hundreds of pounds on interior design features that, whilst they’ll undoubtedly look nice in your home, have the potential to leave you struggling for cash for the remainder of the month. What if you want to make a big difference with just a few smaller, less expensive alterations? Can this be done and if so what are these little things that you can get your hands on for less?
You’ll be pleased to know that this can be achieved in your home, and the team at Rug Centre Online are here to run through a few examples of smaller, cheaper items that can be incorporated into the design of your home that will have the desired effect without breaking the bank.

Decorative Twig Lights

For an affordable yet stylish lighting display, decorative twigs with attached lights have become increasingly popular. Whether you opt for a large display like the one in the photo above or alternatively a smaller collection of lights with fewer twigs to suit your space, you can be assured that when the lights are shining bright, you’ll create a beautiful feature within any room, from the lounge to master bedroom.
Decorative twig lights can be purchased from any home interior store for a cheap price, offering you a thrifty solution to gaining a stunning lighting display.

Canvas Prints

A different approach to the traditional painting formerly hung from walls of the home, canvas prints are a great way to brighten up any room and can be purchased for a relatively inexpensive price. What’s great about canvas prints is that there are so many options available, from landscapes of cities to contemporary images like the one in the photo above.
Additionally, you can now have your favourite family photos made into a canvas to adorn any wall of your home, from your kitchen to living room, bedroom or even bathroom!


Whilst you might believe a high quality rug to require a large outlay, it’s not necessarily the case if you shop in the right places! The above rug for instance is available from the Rug Centre Online for just £69, meaning you can benefit from a designer, modern rug in your home for a highly affordable price.
With rugs, you get both the warmth and comfort alongside aesthetic appeal; making them great for in front of the fire in your lounge or at the bottom of your bed for a warm touch first thing in the morning.


For creating a relaxed or romantic atmosphere in your home, there’s arguably no better method than the addition of candles. Incredibly inexpensive, as an alternative to lamps or spotlights you’ve got no electricity costs to contend with and, by putting your candles in beautifully designed glass holders, can take them with you around the home, whether you’re reading by candlelight in the conservatory or enjoying a relaxing bubble bath in your bathroom.
With the option for scented candles to, you can not only create a calming, tranquil environment but also help to ensure your home smells nice both for yourself and anyone who visits.

Photo Frame Wall Displays

Photo frames still remain one of the best ways of showcasing your favourite family photographs, however rather than having a couple in the windowsill and one or two on the mantelpiece, why not go all out and create a stylish photo frame wall display?
The image above is a great example as you can purchase frames of all different shapes and sizes, including photographs of all family members to create a beautiful collage. With photo frames being incredibly cheap to buy and printing photos now cheaper than it has ever been, with of course the option to do this for free from your home printer, it’s never been easier to truly make the most of your family photographs in a modern and highly effective way.

So, in the words of the One Direction hit, all these little things can help you make a big interior design difference.

This post was written by Oliver Kyle in partnership with Rug Centre Online; stockists of a fantastic collection of modern and traditional carpets that are affordable and a guaranteed method of adding aesthetic appeal.

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