Fun Beach Vacation on a Budget

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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    Enjoying a memorable beach holiday does not have to break the bank. People who are prepared to stay in a hotel or guesthouse located in the town rather than right on the beach itself will often discover that they can cut accommodation costs dramatically. Here are some other ways to save money on the beach holiday of your dreams.

Search for holiday deals

    There are plenty of great deals on holidays to Malta for people who know where to look for them. Last minute holidays to Malta are convenient as well as easy ways to enjoy a fun-filled beach vacation without going overboard with your budget. Flight companies and hotels often reduce their rates at the last minute in order to attract travellers, so it is worth checking regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on a great deal.

Pack a picnic

    Instead of paying through the nose to eat at beach side restaurants, purchase local produce to take with you. Malta is famous for its delicious sausage, which makes a great picnic item to eat at the beach. Other items that can be purchased relatively cheaply from local supermarkets that make great picnic items include freshly baked bread, cheese, salad items and pastries.

Take along plenty of toys

    Simply soaking up the sun on the beach is not for everyone. People who like to remain active while they are away can make the most of the beach by playing games such as beach volleyball, football and softball. Purchase these items from supermarkets rather than beach side souvenir shops, or better yet, bring them from home.

Arrange car hire

    Cut the cost of taxis and public transportation by arranging budget car hire in advance. This will give travellers the freedom to explore various different beaches at their leisure as well as travelling into nearby towns whenever they choose. Car hire can be arranged in advance online and collected from a number of designated collection points such as the airport.


    With a little planning and research it is possible to enjoy the beach holiday of a lifetime with friends and family. When doing research on the Internet, make sure you remember to bookmark your favourite sites. This will make it quick and easy to return to them when you are ready to take a trip so that you can take advantage of the latest hot offers 

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  1. Great post. I agree that research is key! It's amazing how much money can be saved with a little technological elbow grease!