Halloween Mantel and Decorations

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I didn't use to decorate very much for Halloween, but it has become my 5 year old son's favorite holiday and he has been begging me all year to make Halloween decorations. We had a lot of fun shopping and decorating together, making Halloween one of my new favorite holidays.

The rat and black candlesticks on the mantel are from the dollar store and I made the banner with fabric from Joann's Fabric. My son has been learning patterns in Kindergarten, so I had him lay out the pattern for the banner and used it as a teaching tool.
These are the candlesticks I bought from the dollar store; I just spray painted them black.
I found a tutorial for a felt bat garland on Pinterest and had my daughter make it. I have been teaching her how to sew, so this was a great project for her.
I sewed easy envelope pillow cases and slipped them over my existing pillows.
I used the rest of my fabric to make a table runner and banner for the dining room.
I found these frames at the thrift store and the candlestick holder and plate at the dollar store.
 I spray painted them black and used them in my entryway.
The cost of all the supplies and fabric was under $40 (the fabric was most of the cost), but the fun I had with my kids was priceless. We love Halloween!!!


  1. Did you use a special kind of spray paint on the glass candlesticks and glass paint? I have some of those candlesticks and have been wondering how to repurpose them!