135th Penny Pinching Party • Drawer Organizer & Cheap Screen Door

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am so sorry to everyone who came for the Penny Pinching Party last week. I lost internet for a couple of days (stupid internet company keeps working on the lines) and couldn't get the party up. I do have to admit that I am much more productive around the house when the internet is down. I actually went out shopping (I don't go out much when I have internet) and found a couple of things to make my life better. I  used to shop at Target until they started a remodel at my local store. Since the remodel I have been shopping at Walmart (Gasp! I usually hate Walmart, but during the day it is not so bad). Here are a couple of things I picked up at Walmart that have made my life a whole lot better:

I bought 2 of these for my huge bathroom drawer. Yes I have a huge bathroom drawer and I love it! My last house had a very tiny drawer, so I am loving the extra space and feel very spoiled (You can see how small my old drawer was by looking at the white organizers in the bottom right corner of the drawer in the first picture).

 I am loving it a whole lot more now that it is organized and I can find everything.
Adding a medicine cabinet can also be helpful for organizing items in the bathroom.

I found this Magic Mesh screen for for $15. You can also buy it at Amazon, ShopKo, K-Mart, and other stores for about the same price.
Our back door in the kitchen has an old screen that does not work. I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars replacing it when we only need a screen for a couple months of the year (we have central air, so the doors stay closed when it gets hot). I installed it myself in about 15 minutes and love it! When my kids came home from school they raved about it and went and played outside. They have been playing outside a lot now that the door is open and the backyard calls them with the fresh outdoor air filling our kitchen. It really works like the ad says here:
(I am not being paid to advertise for MagicMesh, I just really like their product)

Here it is installed in my kitchen door. My husband came home from work and said it feels so peaceful to have the door open and that he felt like we were camping. I like that it is just velcroed to the outside of the door and I can easily take it down when Summer hits and we need the door closed for the central air. I can easy velcro it back up in the Fall.

Well, that is the end of my shopping spree since I have internet again.
What Penny Pinching stuff have you been up to? Feel free to post a couple of things to make up for not having the party last week.

Party starts at Midnight (mountain standard time) on Wednesday!


  1. Hi! I just found your Blog Hop and can't wait to share what I call "Fun Finds" on my blog. :o) I'll be back tomorrow to linkup.

    Btw, we have a mesh door on our back patio sliding glass door. We love it! Or dogs love it, too! One of the best "As Seen on TV" purchases we have ever made.

    I hope you have a lovely evening!

  2. I love the Magic Mesh screen! Thanks for posting, sounds like you had a fun shopping trip. New to your blog, would love a follow back at when you can! Be sure to add your blog to our blog hop, people will love it. :D

  3. I appreciate the party, thanks so much for hosting!

  4. There are mean, bitty ants taking up residence in my garden. I wanted to get rid of the pests without icky chemical sprays. I'm sharing a simple recipe for Ant Deterrent (#48). It works great and is simple to make. Thanks for hosting the party once again. Have a great week!