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Monday, September 19, 2011

I hate clothes shopping for myself, but love shopping for my kids. A couple of years ago I realized I had a problem when their closets were stuffed full, but they were only wearing about 10% of their clothes. I am a bargain shopper so when I hit a big clearance sale I would buy up all the good deals.
As my kids got older, they became more picky and often did not like the clothes I bought. I have realized that it is better to buy a few outfits they love instead of a ton of clearance clothes. Now I only buy crazy clearance deals if my children are with me and they approve of the items (Not likely since I would rather do almost anything than go shopping with my kids).

I have found online shopping to be the best way to buy clothes for my picky tween daughter and teenage son. I subscribe to all of my favorite store's emails and get weekly sales and coupons emailed to me. Many times my emailed coupons + sale prices can be just as good or better than any clearance price. My kids can sit at the computer with me and approve or disapprove of the clothing and shipping is often free.
Online stores like Ellos, let you shop by size, which is so much easier than trying to rummage through a rack only to find they don't have the size you need. Most online stores even have a clearance section! You can also buy now pay later with Ellos which you can do with a lot of online stores and catalogues these days, meaning you don't have to pay the whole fee up-front and you can spread it over a few months.

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