When to Purchase a Warranty

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I NEVER buy warranties because they are usually never worth it. Usually the appliance/electronic breaks down after the warranty ends and rarely breaks down during the warranty period. However, I have found a very worth while warranty to buy:

2 1/2 Years ago I bought this Banzai Water Slide at Toys R Us. It was $399 on sale for $299 and I paid $281 after some birthday coupons. The day after I bought it a coupon came out for 20% off water slides and Toys R Us refunded me the coupon amount making the total $221. After reading many reviews I decided to buy a 3 year warranty for $79 (water slides don't last longer than 2 years according to reviews). It is now 2 1/2 years later and after my 13 yr. old son and his friends played on it really roughly, the seams ripped apart. I called Toys R Us and they promptly mailed me a gift card in the amount of $439. Now if you are keeping track, the total amount I paid for the water slide with the warranty was $300, but they sent me the full price amount (I don't know if this was a mistake, or policy). Now I can buy a new water slide for free and I will be buying the 3 year warranty with it again. I imagine I can keep buying new water slides every couple of years without spending a cent.

*Make sure you get on the Toys R Us mailing list because they randomly send out great coupons. I am on the mailing list, but I did not get the 20% off coupon when I wanted to buy a swing set and had to buy my coupon on ebay (I paid $15 for it). It was so worth buying it because it saved me $60 on my swing set that was already on sale. It is also worth signing up on their email list. That is where I got my 20% off a water slide coupon.


  1. Wow that is great about the water slide warranty, and the Toys R US $ back!

    I used to love Toys R us when I was raising my kids!

  2. Awesome! I wonder if you got really lucky, or if that's how it always works? Did they make you send in any receipts? That's always my problem - I lose them so easily! Congrats, how cool!

  3. that is kewl, but isn't it illegal for people to sell coupon?

  4. hmmmm i didn't knew about it before!
    thanks for sharing

  5. wow nice kiddie swimming pool .. awesome

  6. we bought a scratch-n-dent fridge & paid for the extra warranty. while cleaning the top of the fridge one hot day i felt a cool breeze coming from the top corner - turns out the dent in the corner was preventing a full seal between the freezer & the freezer door. it was circled on the scratch-n-dent report we signed when we bought the item, but when i called their warranty dep't they said dents were usually cosmetic, but since i was having problems with the drip pan (it's bent out of shape or something & not circled on the dent report) the water spills over the edge of the pan & onto the floor, and rather frequently since the poor freezer seal causes frequent defrost mode cycling. because of the warranty we're getting a new fridge because it's cheaper than a service call & new parts. they were going to charge us for a new additional warranty because we were using the value of the warranty for the new fridge, until i found out we get 1 yr warranty with the item & we purchased 2 additional years. it's been less than 1 year since we bought the fridge so i argued our extra warranty should still be valid & i won my case!

  7. The Toys R Us Warranty says it doesn't cover pools or inflatables. Wouldn't an inflatable water slide be considered inflatable?

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