Chocolate Fruit Basket Cake * 95th Penny Pinching Party

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My mom's birthday was this month and she always makes her own cake. This year I decided to be a good daughter and make her a cake, but she wanted it to be healthy. I found this cake at Taste of Home here:

Instead of using a chocolate cake mix I made a homemade chocolate zucchini cake with whole wheat flour. Just search for chocolate zucchini cake and a few good recipes will come up. Instead of using apricot preserves for a glaze I used this recipe: Clear Fruit Glaze (half the recipe).
I also made my own chocolate frosting.

Thankfully Kit Kats were on sale as this cake takes a lot. They are the only really unhealthy part of this cake other than the frosting. If you don't want to eat them there are usually many takers who are happy to help you out.

Here is how my cake turned out! I decided it needed a ribbon to dress it up a bit.
The great thing about this cake is that it is super easy and impossible to fail. If the cake bakes crooked or you do a bad frosting job, it gets hidden by kit kats and berries.


  1. I love that cake! And feel free to mail me any Kit Kats your mom doesn't want! ;)

    Seriously, though, when I was growing up, my mom made the BEST chocolate zucchini cake. I make it when we get an abundance of zucchini from local farmers. It might sound weird for zucchini, but it's awesome!

  2. Great party - thanks for hosting!

  3. That looks like a great cake! I'm sure your mom appreciated it. Thanks for hosting the party for us every week.