86th Penny Pinching Party - Door Color

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It is pretty unanimous that the new roof on my house needs to be charcoal. I was hesitant to choose that color because it won't last as long as a lighter roof, but after talking to several professionals I have learned that as long as we have good ventilation, the charcoal roof will be fine. Wow, that was really hard. I think I spent at least a month debating that one.

Now I am thinking about door colors. The front door has to be painted since we are installing a new door knob that has different hole locations. We have had to fill in the old holes and now the door looks really bad and needs a paint job.

What color would look best on my red brick house soon to have a charcoal roof?

I really like this dark blue door.
In feng shui, blue doors represent water, abundance and loyalty.

Black represents power, elegance, formality, and mystery.

Yellow represents mental clarity, wisdom, confidence, happiness, understanding.

Or should I stick with the red that it is now and just give it a fresh new coat?
Does a red door go with a redish-rust colored brick?
Red doors say, "welcome."

According to feng shui my south facing door should be red, pink or purple. I just want to choose a color that will look best with the brick. Leave me a comment or vote on my new door poll.


  1. Red is friendly, happy, warm, welcoming.
    Black is formal, but more than that cold, and almost daring you to knock. Warning stay away. Impenetrable.
    Yellow is too cute and does not fare well with seasons. Not the choice for us northerners.
    What about a different shade of blue?

    I have the roof decision coming up as well.
    We've talked about it for years and now there is a hole we have to decide.

  2. we have this thing in my city called free day where everyone puts things on their curb that they don't want anymore. it was this last weekend and we got all sorts of great stuff, including a door, although ours is white and it's going on a rental property so we don't care too much about the color

  3. I'm partial to the blue - looks very classy and will go nice with the dark roof.

  4. Thanks for hosting! I do think red matches the brick but my vote is for the black door.

  5. First of all, thank you for hosting today's link party!! Secondly, my vote is for a blue door, but not too bright- more like a dark, smokey blue. I think it would look good with both your roof & brick colors. That's my opinion anyway ;)

  6. Hey sweet girl! Thank you for hosting! I have been SO SICK with the Shingles the last 6 weeks and then my Car Wreck last week, I dont really have a new project to share, HOWEVER, I had a funny story about my "Courtsey Car" Im driving till mine is fixed....I HOPE its ok with you that I linked up my story!

    OK! Your door...I say No on the red so it doesnt clash with the red of your brick. I KINDA like the blue but then you dont want it to look like the american flag { RED brick, WHITE door surround with a BLUE door }...What about not JET BLACK, but more of a Soft Charcoal color??? I have had my Interior Design business for 24 years { NOT that THAT makes me the "know all"...I was just going to say that, THAT red brick is ALWAYS so tricky! I have done a soft Charcoal front door with JET black being the "Door surround" { that part of yours that is white right now } doing THAT part in JET Black...Just a thought...if you are not crazy about that idea, I would do the WHOLE thing { door and surround } in the deep, soft Blue...OK! This is the LOOOOOONGESY comment EVA'!!!

    Cant wait to see what you do!!


    Come link up at my Whassup Wednesday and get even more votes :) LOL!

  7. Okay, so I really like the Navy Blue, too, but I can see how it could easily become too bright and turn out wrong. Black seems to be the most obvious color to me with the charcoal roof, but the blue would be so unexpected (assuming you get the shade just right.) I've always thought my neighbor's door was black until one day she said she hated her "green" door. I had no idea it was actually green. It was such a dark shade that from the street it looks black. The same might happen with Navy Blue, too. So, bottom line - if you can get the Navy Blue JUST right - not too bright and not too dark, I say go for it. If not, then I say black. Not all that helpful, I know.

  8. I'm going through front door stress right now too!! Where did you find the program to try the different shades on your door? I have to try this!! I've been leaning towards a bright cherry red, but only because I haven't sold my husband on yellow or turquoise yet. I might try for green but them I'm afraid it might be overkill with the green since I have it lots of places inside too. I have a brick exterior too.

    Out of your choices I love, love, love the yellow!! Every street I drive down has dark muted colors on their doors! Yellow just pops and there's no way I could walk through a yellow door frowning!

  9. I'm in the process of choosing a color for OUR front door. We also have a red-orange brick home and believe it or not, I think we're going with TURQUOISE! Never would have picked it but I've seen some amazing pics of doors using that color and it is striking!

  10. I understand your frustrations with the door color. We have had a stained door for years, but it is looking so bad, we are thinking of painting it too. Problem is, we don't know what color. Personally, I like the black for your house because it stands out without being so "what were they thinking?" like I'd ask about something like that yellow. Good luck on picking out the right color the first time!

  11. I wouldn't go with red again, as there is red in the color of the brick and the two colors don't enhance each other. The blue is a nice contrast with the brick, but what about a bluish-green? like a deep teal?

  12. I still LOVE the navy blue! It looks great in your picture:)


  14. I like the blue door the most...Christine

    IRONICUS MAXIMUS...the word.

  16. cover your bricks with a climber
    to avoid a 'color clash',
    if you have to,
    it's a major Feng Shui tool!
    keep your good luck coming....