76th Penny Pinching Party, See Ya Later Refrigerator

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

See Ya Later, Refrigerator
My area has a great program where the utility company will come and take your old refrigerator or freezer and send you a $30 check. Why do they do this? Here is what they say on their website at Rocky Mountain Power:

Why get rid of your old refrigerator or freezer?

  • Save energy – Refrigerators built prior to 1990 can use four times more energy than a high-efficiency one built today. 
  • Save money – By discontinuing the use of a second refrigerator, you can save up to $150 a year on your electricity bill.
  • Protect the environment – About 95 percent of your old refrigerator or freezer will be reused.
  • Get paid – Receive a $30 incentive check.
  • Free CFLs – You'll also receive a free kit at the time of pickup, including two free CFLs, a refrigerator/freezer thermometer card and information to help you become wattsmart.

What is eligible?

This program is offered to all Rocky Mountain Power residential customers in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Refrigerators must be in working condition and must be plugged in to verify they are working. Units a minimum of 10 cubic feet in size (based on inside measurements) qualify for the program. Please make sure your old unit is empty when it is picked up.

Remember, when shopping for a new refrigerator or freezer, look for ENERGY STAR® labeled models. You may be eligible for anincentive.

I had an old deep freezer in my garage that I had been using until last week when we moved to our new house. My freezer was a 35 year old hand-me-down from my parents. It worked great, but rather than haul it over to our new house I decided to have it recycled and get my $30 check. Hopefully when our old house sells, we can buy a new and more efficient freezer. So here is the kit they left me when they took my old freezer:
It included two free CFLs, a refrigerator/freezer thermometer card and information on how to become wattsmart. I will get my $30 check in the mail in a couple of weeks and I didn't have to haul that thing away myself! Thanks Rocky Mountain Power!

If you live in a different area it doesn't hurt to call your utility company and see what kinds of incentives they offer.


  1. I could use that program. I have been looking a new fridges and not happy with the quality of them but admit my trusty old (very old) one is an energy hog.

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  7. Thanks for hosting! what a unique idea for a linky party!

  8. We have a similar program. I so need a new fridge. I can see the air being sucked out of it as I write this.

  9. Thanks for the info and thanks for hosting.

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