60th Penny Pinching Party

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sorry about putting this up late today, my husband has been home with the flu and I lost all track of day and time. To make up for this going up late I am going to make the thumbnail pictures a little bigger to help you showcase your link a little more and I'll keep the party going until noon on Thursday. While your here, don't forget to enter the EcoSmart Giveaway that ends this Friday!

This is a blog party that anyone with thrifty ideas, tips or projects can join. Thanks for linking up!
*Add the permalink to the specific blog post, not your general blog address.
*Link back to the party from your post so everyone can join in the fun!


  1. Hi Jen! I accidentally linked mine up twice (I got an error the first go round, but it still loaded). Could you please delete my first diaper baby link?! Sorry!!! And thanks for hosting again!

  2. Hi Jen - also have my tea bread up twice - Sorry!!!

  3. Thank you Jen for hosting this! Love your blog, New Follower and hope the Hubby feels better! and you don't catch it!