Free Friday Deals * October 1st, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Swag code for 6 Swag Bucks October 2nd: MLBMadness
You can find this code on the widget

Swag Buck code good until 8pm PDT, October 1st
Go to the Blog for a code worth 8 Swag Bucks.

Every Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day and you have a better chance of winning lots of Swag Bucks. My husband and I always have a competition to see who can get the most Swag Bucks on Friday. He gets really upset if he forgets to log out of my account and earns me swag bucks that should have been his, LOL. I tell him that it doesn't matter because I am using my Swag Bucks to buy Amazon gift cards to use for his Christmas presents. It only costs 450 Swag Bucks for a $5 Amazon gift card which is my favorite prize to redeem (It usually takes around 3 weeks to earn 450 swag bucks).
Don't know what Swag Bucks are? Click HERE to find out more or on the picture below to start your own account with 30 free Swag Bucks.

Search & Win

Home Depot Kids Workshops
Stop by anytime Saturday between 9am and noon to make a Fireboat!

Stop by Saturday between 10 am – 2 pm to learn how to make a costume with duck tape.

Free Sun-Maid Recipe Booklet

Send a Pack of Kleenex to a Friend for FREE

Free Poise Sample Kit
I think this product is for bladder leakage.

Free Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce
Register and they will send you a coupon for a free bottle of their original All Purpose Sauce.

Free music downloads from Amazon

This weeks FREE music and samples at WalMart


  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jen,
    You got me to sign up for Swagbucks and I love it but I can never find the Swag Codes. Am I blind? Please help. renee at willdernesstrip dot com