Halloween Costumes and Candy Solution

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Since I won't have my kid's Halloween costumes ready until the week of Halloween, I will show you  some of my Halloween posts from last year (Sorry about the blocked out faces, I take the privacy of my children seriously. At least until they are old enough to decide for themselves what they want on the world wide web.):

This year my 3 year old wants to be Shaun the Sheep. There are store bought costumes you can buy, but the one I am putting together will be so much cuter, cheaper, and will last the whole season. I am using black pants (already had), a black turtle neck, black winter hat with floppy sides, and a fluffy fur coat from the thrift store.

My 9 year old daughter has a major monkey fetish right now. She has read every book in the library on monkeys and when we went to the zoo this year she told us all about the different monkeys. She is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to monkeys, so it makes sense that she wants to be a monkey this year. That will be brown pants and a brown shirt that we already had. All I have to do is make a headband with ears and a tail.

My 12 year old hasn't decided what he wants to be and is having a difficult time. He is in Jr. High now where not everyone will dress up. He wants to dress up, but he doesn't want to look childish or stupid. He has turned down every suggestion I have had and he refuses to be anything he has been in the past (Jester, Magician, Mario...). Any ideas out there? HELP!


  1. Jen, we have a collection of costumes, you should send him over and see if there is anything he would want to be. I don't think Val has fully decided what she wants to be yet either.

  2. Has he seen Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog? Neil Patrick Harris's evil scientist costume was a cinch to put together for my younger son last year, and he looked quite cool.

  3. Hi... I am your newest follower! Thanks for hosting!

  4. I love Shaun the sheep! How cute is that? Have fun! Thanks for hosting another party!

  5. Life in Rehab, I totally suggested that costume to him! He is way too picky.

  6. My 2 year old is "Pin-cess" crazy right now. SO I am making her a princess costume. Last year I made her a tutu but this year I'm making the WHOLE thing by hand. It's so exciting!!! I can't wait to show it off when it's done!!

    Thanks for hosting! :)

  7. thanks for hostin'! so many good ideas up there!


  8. I have a plastic bin full of hats and fun costume things. It is always fun to pull out when children come and get bored!

    bee blessed