Taste of Home Subscription for $3.99 and Teacher Gift

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Penny Pinching Party is still going on in the post below this one, I just wanted to post this great deal before it is gone.

Here are some great magazine deals available at Tanga right now:
Golf Digest (Coupon: DIGEST)
Family Fun (Coupon: DISNEY)
Taste of Home (Coupon: TASTE)

I have many magazine subscriptions from Tanga and have gotten them all within 1-2 months.

This is just a picture, click on the links above to find the magazines.

Great Teacher Gift!
I just ordered this for my daughter's teacher. I am contemplating getting one for each of my son's 8 Jr. High teachers, but am not sure if they even give gifts to teachers in Jr. High. Anyone know?
Apple Shaped Memo Pad Small $1.58 + FREE shipping
Apple Shaped Memo Pad Large $1.81 + FREE shipping
Use code: BULKRATE for additional savings when purchasing 3 or more.

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  1. Well, according to my son (and he is known for NOT being all that observant), jr. high teachers do not get gifts. But, at Christmas and at the end of the year, I sent a small note with a truffle attached for him to leave on their desks. I wouldn't do much more than that for jr. high - maybe I'm wrong.