Free Friday Deals * September 24th, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buy One Get One FREE Jamba Juice Coupon
expires September 29th, 2010
This coupon was especially nice for me last week when I was sick and didn't feel like eating or getting up and making my own smoothie. My sweet husband went out and got me a Jamba Juice for dinner. 

FREE Sample of Cinnabon Cream of Wheat and Coupon

FREE Leap Frog Tag or Tag Junior Book
Click HERE (You have to register and create an account before getting your free book, but totally worth it. You get to choose the age level of the book too.)

FREE Sample of CareFRESH Rabbit or Guinea pig food. You can also get a coupon.
I recently bought my kids 3 rats and they eat anything. I never thought I would buy rats, but they actually make really great pets and are so much easier to take care of than a dog. I'm sure they will be happy to get this free sample in the mail.

CareFRESH Complete

Sign up at DelTaco and get FREE Stuff!
Every time I take my kids to the dentist they each get a free kids meal coupon. We had a bunch saved up and all ate for free at DelTaco this week. I can't wait to get these coupons!

Free Sample CoverGirl Simply Ageless Serum Primer
COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer

Free music downloads from Amazon

This weeks FREE music and samples at WalMart

Mega Swag Buck Friday!
Tip: Visit their blog for swag codes.
Right now they are updating their site and having technical difficulties, but hopefully that doesn't stop you from getting some swag bucks today.
Comment and share what prizes you have gotten with your swag bucks, or share your favorite tips. I earned $25 in Amazon gift cards for September! It is better to get 5 $5 Amazon gift cards instead of one $25 gift card. It will cost you less swag bucks in the end and you will end up with more $$$ in gift cards.

Don't know what Swag Bucks are? Only the easiest way to earn money! You get paid in swag bucks for searching the internet. You are randomly awarded swag bucks which can be used for gift cards and other great prizes. I have my home page set with a search in the swag buck search bar so that every time I open my browser it automatically does a search. I have won many times just for opening my browser. I also search for places rather than just go there (facebook, my blog, etc...).

Click the picture below to start your own swag buck account and get 30 free swag bucks.

Search & Win

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