FREE FRIDAY DEALS * April 16th, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

No new freebies to share with you today, just thought I would put some old ones up that are still good. Actually I found a lot of free samples and items on the internet this week, just nothing real exciting.

FREE Full Page Photo Book from HotPrints
Hot Prints has a new full-page layout photo book and they are offering them at ONE FREE per month! Shipping is FREE!
They can do this because each book comes with advertisements that are on removable pages. The adds pay for the price of the books.
I just got my first Photo Book in the mail and am very pleased.

Michael's Free Demos & Events

You have to sign up for these, but if you are too late you might be able to go anyway. My local Lowes always has extra kits.

Free music downloads from Amazon

FREE two-year subscription to LEGO Club Jr.

Every year until your child is ten, you will receive a party planner with a special offer, and a card and gift from Geoffrey. When you take them to Toys R Us your child will receive a paper birthday crown and a Geoffrey balloon and an announcement over the intercom that a special birthday guest has arrived.
My kids have been signed up for this for the last 5 years and it has become one of their favorite birthday traditions.


  1. Love love love you blog. i would love it if you followed me as well. Thanks for such great postings.

  2. Thanks for the Photo Book post, I just made one for my hubby for Father's Day and I'm SO excited, thanks again!!