Highlights from The 2nd Penny Pinching Party

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thanks to everyone who participated in my 2nd Penny Pinching Party yesterday.

Anne over at Life with Liane is my kinda girl. She is great at hitting sales during the year for all of her Christmas and birthday presents. She shared her secrets with us at the risk of her friends and family finding out ;-)

AngieB from Ballard Boys teaches us how she makes her own cards. I think homemade cards with photos are always so much more personal and appreciated. AngieB shows us how to make them for free!

Dianna from The Kennedy Adventures gives us tons of reasons to cut the cable. $40 a month doesn't sound like much, but after 2 years that has added up to $960 in savings for her family.

Jeannine from Fireflies and Jellybeans has perfect timing with her post about making thrifty homemade Halloween costumes.

Can you believe she made all of these costumes for under $20!?

Cheryl from Sew Can Do shows us how to make a simple baby dress for a few dollars instead of buying it for a lot more at the store. I love the cute owl print that she used.
She has a ton of really cute projects on her blog. I love her quiet books, they are so creative and cute.
I don't know how she gets so much sewing done with a baby; She makes me tired just looking at all of her cute projects.

I am looking forward to all of your inspiring ideas next Wednesday!


  1. Thanks again for hosting this party!

  2. oh i love all these ideas... frozen burritos are brilliant!
    I dont have a blog, but my penny pinching tip is that I usually hit our salvation army on 50% off day and look for clothing in patterns that I can use as fabric to make other items - pillow covers, skirts for my dd, trim for curtains, table runners, placemats, etc. much cheaper than yardage from the fabric store. (love the headband idea too!)