5th Penny Pinching Party

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This week has been extra busy and demanding for me. I have had to put the finishing touches on my kid's Halloween costumes and a million other errands. I was originally going to post my kid's costumes that I have been putting together, but I still have a couple of finishing touches; So today I will be highlighting posts from the last 2 Penny Pinching Parties.

Hanging Clothes to Dry
AngieB from Ballard Boys shows us how to save money by hanging clothes to dry. I thought that putting the clothes line in the patio table was genius. So many people don't hang clothes to dry because they don't want an unsightly clothesline in their yard. This solution is great because you can just take it down when you are done. It is also a great solution if you are renting.

There was a time earlier in my marriage that I went without a dryer for over a year, because we couldn't afford to buy one or to pay for the electricity to run it. I refuse to put anything on a credit card that I cannot pay off right away and have never had credit card debt as a result. I wish I would have had this brilliant idea back then.

Home Haircuts
Robyn from Family of 8 shows us how she saves money by cutting her husband's and kid's hair. She even found a fun salon chair from a store that was going out of business. Cutting hair is a lot easier than you may think. There are all sorts of video tutorials online and like Robyn says, hair grows.

Mums Instead of Pumpkins
Barb from Treasures from the Heart shows us how she uses mums to decorate instead of pumpkins. Instead of throwing the pumpkins away at the end of the season, she just plants the mums in her flowerbed.

She also shares a tutorial on how to make this beautiful craft paper.

Cloth Diapers
Dianna from Kennedy Adventures tells us how to save by using cloth diapers. Most people cringe at this idea, but she shows us how much cloth diapers have changed from the days our moms used them. Just look how cute they are.

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  1. I've always dried my clothes by hanging them to dry - not only is is thrifty, it's better for the environment AND better for your clothes! Drying leads to piling on clothing, shrinkage, and unwanted stain setting! In addition to the backyard clothesline, I also have a cheap, plastic clotheline holder in the basement so I can dry clothes all year long (bought it at the dollar store years ago)!

    I give haircuts at home, too, for my husband. I used to have three Westies so I bought an inexpensive dog grooming kit at Walmart for $30 that I used to groom them (saving a fortune over a professional groomer and EVERY bit as good!) and now that I just have the one Westie, I use the shaver to do my husband's hair as well!

  2. I linked up an older post of mine, from before you started the Penny Pinching Party, but it has some great tips to help save on your water bill, so I thought your readers might enjoy it. :) If that's not okay, just let me know and/or delete the link.

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  4. I've been cutting the hair of my husband and teen sons forever. They all went in once for a barber cut, but that was the only time someone else cut my husband's hair in nearly 20 years. Saves a ton of money.

    I also try to get just 3 salon cuts per year and I trim my hair in between. I do my own highlights using a cap and hook kit available in most stores where hair coloring is sold. That saves a ton too! When my hair was shorter, I could split the kit in half and get two uses from it.

    Here's a trick for trimming your own hair. I use my curling iron as a clamp. Using a cold curling iron, I clamp the hair in it leaving the ends exposed and trim off the amount I want to.