Freezing Peaches and How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I look forward to this time of year because my favorite fruit is PEACHES! Every year my mom gives me a ton of peaches from her neighbors very delicious peach tree. I freeze enough for the year and we eat the rest.
Freezing Peaches:
All you have to do is peel them, cut them up, and put them in a freezer bag. Placing them in a pot of boiling water and scalding them for 30 seconds makes the peels just slid right off. To keep their color you can also put a little sugar in with them. I don't add sugar and they still look pretty good to me.
Frozen peaches make the best smoothies and go great on waffles.

My mom also had a bumper crop of green beans and I froze some of those too. All I did for the beans was cook them for 3 minutes, bathe them in ice water, and put them in Ziploc bags.

With all of those peaches in the house I developed a fruit fly problem. I solved the problem in just a couple of hours by making this:

I took a mason jar and put a little bit of apple cider vinegar (about a tablespoon) and part of a peach in it. I made a funnel out of a piece of paper and left a fruit fly sized hole in it. Then I put it in the jar and sealed it with tape. The fruit flies go into the funnel, but not out. Any fruit will work in the jar as long as you have removed the fruit from your kitchen counter. If there is fruit on your counter they will go to that first.
About 2 hours after I made this, I had caught all of the fruit flies in my house.
After you catch the fruit flies you just put the jar in your freezer for a few minutes to kill them and then you can take it out and use it again.

After getting rid of your fruit flies, you can out this post to make the best smoothies without fear of more fruit flies!


  1. What a great suggestion! I wish I had known that about a week ago! I just went on a fly swatting spree! My family called me the "Lord of the Flies!" Your idea would have cut down on so much frustration and spared my spatula... I snapped it in the process. Got a little carried away. Lol -Kelsee

  2. Wow--I'm going to go make this fruit fly catcher thing right now. What a great idea!

  3. I am so going to try that fruit fly thing. We've had fruit flies like CRAZY this year! I don't know what's going on.

  4. Stopping by from SITS to say good morning and good luck with the dentist today :)

  5. I love the idea of freezing peaches and using them to make smoothies this winter! Thanks for the tip! Have a great weekend...

  6. love the idea of freezing peaches need to do something with the ones in the fridge. Great tips thanks.

  7. That fruit fly idea is amazing. I am going to try it when I get those pesky happens all of the time! Thanks! Lisa~

  8. Love your fruit fly idea...will be trying it for sure! thanks!

  9. Wow, looks like that fruit fly trap really works. Thanks!


  10. Great fruit fly trap!!! Here's another fruit fly trick that works...take a ramekin or bowl and fill half way with water then put a capful of cider vinegar in it and a drop or two of dish liquid. Use your finger and gently stir the dish liquid around and leave it on the counter near your fruit.