Review of Melissa & Doug Puzzle from Ebeanstalk

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A while ago I was asked to test toys for a company called ebeanstalk. They sent out a number of baby toys and toys for 1 year olds to toy experts (moms) for their review. Through reviews such as mine, this helps ebeanstalk select great learning toys . The toy they sent was a big knob house and shape puzzle from Melissa & Doug who make my favorite wooden toys.

First I must say that I have learned the importance of buying good quality toys. When my oldest son was a baby, we were poor students and couldn't afford much. I bought a lot of cheap toys that did not last. Now I only buy high quality toys and I love toys that teach. I have grown to LOVE anything by Melissa & Doug, so I was very happy when I was sent this puzzle.
We have a lot of puzzles, but my son can't do them by himself. This puzzle has great big knobs that are perfect for his little hands. I love that he can do it by himself and he loves it to. He is at an age (terrible 2's) where he wants to do everything by himself and this puzzle is perfect for that. This puzzle has been helping him learn his shapes and he pointed out a triangle shape to me yesterday.

This toy is very high quality and will last for years. My son loves it and it teaches him. It is the type of toy that I look for and would have bought. I give this toy 5 out of 5 stars and not just because it was free. I also have another Melissa & Doug puzzle that I bought last year for my son that I would rate the same.


  1. I'll look forward finding those!

  2. I've seen these puzzles. I think Baby Boy would love them. They are going on the Christmas list.

  3. Glad I found your blog-I love a good deal..and I love free stuff even more! For healthy tips, please check out my new blog if you have the time. Thanks Jen!