Blog Makeover Vote and Giveaway Winners!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vote for your favorite blog to win the $70 Blog Makeover Giveaway.
Here are the blogs you can vote for:

Stephanie is a mother to 4 BOYS and has a passion for making jewelry. Since she doesn't have any girls she decided to blog about her hobby and start selling her creations. Here is what she commented,
"K, so picture your grandmother wearing skinny jeans. Not too pleasant, now is it? Well, that's what my blog is - something old trying to look new. I will admit that I don't know much about blog design, but (true confessions, here) I have used one of those "canned" or "cookie cutter" blog sites to make my blog appear hip, cute, and up to date. So, don't be fooled - my blog needs a makeover like a granny wearing skinny jeans!"

Shelly is a Jane Austin Fan and loves reading books. She works from home selling items from her ebay store. She blogs about random thoughts and interests. Here is her comment,
"Why do I need a blog makeover? Because I am absolutely without a doubt 100% DESPERATE! Look up the word in the dictionary, and you will see MY name and MY face staring back at you. Honest, give it a try and see if I'm wrong. I am DESPERATE for a custom built one of a kind too good to be true amazing blog makeover! Without your help, I cannot blog on!"

Susan is a SAHM to twin 7 year old boys and a cute 1 year old girl. She uses her blog to share her passion for cooking, baking, and sewing. She has some really creative ideas on her blog and would like her blog to match that creativity. Here is her comment,
"Halleluiah (sp?)! See, I'm so desperate that I don't even care that I can't spell right now. I NEED A BLOG MAKEOVER!!! Shoot, I don't even think mine is a blog....It's a glob.... it's a page on my computer that looks so void of any life or personality, I can hardly bear looking at it.... I click on other blogs and wonder in amazment at how I could ever have something TUBULAR! Uh oh, now I'm revealing my age.....I don't know, maybe that's my whole problem :)"

Christina works full time as an Intensive Care Nursery Nurse and comes home to "an amazing husband" and cute son. She blogs about life and even shares some of her favorite recipes.
Here was her comment,
"Oh goodness-gracious-lordy-lordy-have-mercy! That is how bad I need a blog makeover. Just take a peek at my page and after wincing in pain try to remember that I am not so horrible, I just lack in design skills! When I wake up in the morning I pray without ceasing that my blog will miraculously heal and be fabulous. Then I stumble onto my blog page and cry out for mercy! Please help. Please help me, I just want to be fabulous. What more can a girl ask for?"

I know I said that Thais from Olivina Design House would choose her 3 favorite comments and we would vote on those, but she couldn't choose just 3. She sent me these 4 blogs and left it up to me to narrow them down to 3, but I couldn't either. I think all 4 of these blogs deserve a makeover, but now it is up to you who wins. Use the poll on the right side of my blog to vote for your favorite.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners will have the opportunity to buy a blog makeover for a discounted price of $40. Thanks to Thais for throwing in an additional discount to the 4th place winner!

When the blog design is complete I will feature the winning blog here at The Thrifty Home (If the runners up choose to have their blogs done, I will also feature them). I HEART Before and Afters.

WINNER of Ecostore USA $25 Gift Certificate

Comment #3: Amy Lynne I would love to try the citrus spray cleaner or the toilet cleaner. I am so picky about chemical smells, I bet these would solve that problem!
Congratulations Amy Lynne! Just email me your full name and email address and I will have Ecostore USA send you a gift code to use. You can comment here or email me at jen(at)thethriftyhome(dot)com

WINNER of $20 Piggy Paint Giveaway

Comment #32: Brandi Oh man there are so many that I love!! I will go with Ice Cream Dream!
Congratulations Brandi! Just email me your email address and I will have Piggy Paint send you a gift code to use. You can comment here or email me at jen(at)thethriftyhome(dot)com

If you are not Brandi you can still get 15% off anything including sale items. Use this code: THRIFTY15L until September 30, 2009


  1. The Attic Girl gets my
    VOTE...!!!Good luck everyone!

  2. Jenjen@GottaLoveMomThursday, August 20, 2009

    What a great way to share the love...and spread the goodness!
    Good-luck to all!

  3. I vote for The Attic Blog!

  4. I vote for the jewelry blog, go Stephanie!!!